A sneak peek into the three stages of the soft tissue repair mechanism

15-May-2017 | Zion Market Research

The soft tissue in the body includes tendons, muscles, skin, ligaments, synovial membrane, nervous tissue, and cartilage, which link and offer strength, protection to body organs. Tissue damage is functional and structural defects because of the biochemical, structural, microscopic and macroscopic alterations. Soft tissue repair is a course that is initiated from the incidence of injury to its curing processes that occur simultaneously. The healing process is alienated into 3 stages, namely, inflammation, tissue repair, and remodeling. Do you know exactly what happens in these 3 phases? Let’s have a detailed look at each phase.

The increasing sports activities and incidences of the soft tissue injury are anticipated to upsurge the soft tissue repair market.

Acute – Protection Phase

A soft tissue injury is deemed as acute from the preliminary time of injury and during which the pain, swelling, and bleeding are at its worst. The aim of the body at this particular moment is to protect the injury from any further damages. The average time required for the symptoms to settle is from 2 to 4 days after injury; however, it can vary based on the way one treats their injury.

Sub-acute – Repair Phase

An injury is considered as sub-acute when the primary acute stage makes an alteration to healing the injured tissues. This stage usually lasts up to 6 weeks after injury when the body is bust laying down new soft tissue and decreasing the requirement to protect the injury as the scar tissue starts to strengthen and mature.

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Late Stage – Remodeling Phase

The body doesn’t just magically discontinue tissue repairing at 6 weeks after injury. Repairing is a constant process. At 6 weeks after the injury, the repairing tissue is rationally mature but as one may stress, stretch, and strength their new scar tissue, it is usually found that it is not enough strong to deal with the rising physical demand. When the body identifies that a healed structure is still not strong enough, it will automatically activate surplus new tissue to aid support and strength to the repairing tissue until it fulfills the requirement of the body’s physical function or normal exercise. The duration between 6 weeks and 3 months after injury is normally designated as the remodeling phase.

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