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Novel Coronavirus an Outbreak Originating In China And Spreading To Other Countries


According to WHO, coronaviruses are the family of viruses that can cause illness including common cold to severe ailments like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. However, nCoV also referred to as novel coronavirus is a new form of coronavirus that has not been ...Read More

Social Media Analytics Market: Widespread Social Media Penetration In Myriad Sectors To Plunge Growth


Social media analytics is extensively used for gathering data from various social media sites examine the data to come to effective business decisions. It is considered to be an effective and key marketing tool in the current business scenario. Escalating need of various businesses to gain detail...Read More

Seismic Survey Market: Burgeoning Oil &Gas Demand From Inflating Population To Accelerate Growth


Escalating demand for innovative technology to determine the location as well as size of oil gas reserves is projected to spur the growth of seismic survey market. Seismic survey helps in mapping as well as finding potential reserves described by giant oil gas companies. The large acceptance of ...Read More

Robotic, Cutting, Deburring and Finishing Market: Escalating Popularity Of Robots In Production Activities To Fuel Growth


High labor costs as well as escalating requirement for precision sequential production in manufacturing activities is projected to accelerate the progress of Robotic, Cutting, Deburring, and Finishing Market over the years to come. Rapid acceptance of new technologies such as AI in myriad sectors...Read More

Rising Use Of Social Media Among Kids Is Fueling The Development Of The Global Parental Control Software Market


Parental control software comprise of functions that assist guardians and parents keep an eye on their kids employment of other smart devices including mobile phones. Parental control software are developed to secure and protect kids from online threats, such as explicit content, cyber bullying, o...Read More

Rising Technological Developments Propelling The Global Biological Safety Cabinets Market


Biological safety cabinet offers an enclosed laboratory space. It is specifically designed using High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) filters. These filters are helpful in keeping the workspace environment clean and pathogens bacteria free. Biological safety cabinets offer an individu...Read More

Packaging Automation Market: Growing Need For Speedy & Effective Packaging Solutions To Impel Demand


With escalating need for reducing packaging as well as labor costs, packaging automation is fast becoming the catch phrase of the twenty-first century. Packaging automation helps in minimizing goods damage caused during material handling process. Reportedly, the rampant application of automation a...Read More

Mobile Positioning System Market: Surge In Terrorist Activities & Heavy Security Demands To Augment Growth


Mobile positioning system integrates the mobile functions with that of wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, Satellite, and Wi-Fi. It can find applications across wide range of consumer services such as location search, navigation, social media, advertising, and mapping. The mobile location-bas...Read More

Mobile Advertising Market: Extensive Use of Mobile Devices To Accelerate Market Growth


The rising popularity of mobile devices such as smartphones, personal digital assistants, and tablets is expected to benefit the mobile advertising market expansion in the years ahead. With individuals increasingly turning to mobile devices such as smartphones for entertainment, it is likely to of...Read More

Machine to Machine Market: Immense Popularity of IoT To Spur The Market Growth


Machine to Machine refers to a direct interaction between the devices that makes use of either wired or wireless communication channels. This concept gave rise to new technologies such as Internet of Things. Data transmission from one appliance to another is the key application of machine to machi...Read More

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