Curb the infection rate using medical device coatings

02-May-2017 | Zion Market Research

“What kind of infection have you acquired?” and “Where did you acquire it from?”—these are some of the commonly asked questions. And here is where the hospital-acquired infections come into play. There are millions of people being affected by a number of infections acquired through the hospital by medical negligence or mere unhygienic conditions. Thus, in order to curb the infection rate, there are many technological advancements being made in the field of healthcare one of which is the medical device coatings techniques.

The medical device coatings are mainly used for the medically used and reused equipment in order to create protective surface properties and curb the spread of hospital-related diseases. There are a number of types of medical coatings such as the hydrophilic, hydrophobic, hydrogel, drug-eluting, anti-thrombogenic, anti-microbial, lubricants, and other types of coatings. The medical coatings are mainly used to sterilize and clean the medical devices, surfaces, or surgical instruments that are constantly used by the surgeons, physicians, or other healthcare professionals. The use of the medical devices may vary as per the requirement such as the clinical tests, checkups, or surgeries, but there is no doubt that the devices have to be sterile in order to obtain an anticipated medical outcome and correct disease diagnosis.

The major regions exploiting the global medical device coating market include the Middle East and Africa, North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe. North America is currently the leading market all across the globe. Some of the major medical device coatings players on top of the chart are BioCoat Inc., Merit Medical Systems Inc., Harland Medical Systems Inc., PPG Industries Inc., Hydromer Inc., Precision Coating Company Inc., SurModics Inc., and Sono-Tek Corporation among the others.

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The medical industry is growing at an astonishing rate. There is no doubt the medical device coatings product will be taking the global market by storm in the coming years. The research on the medical coating for improving the medical devices performance is still intense. Currently, the use of nano-coatings is going to unlock new doors for the medical device coatings market in the near future.