Meat Processing Equipment Market: Introduction Of Automated Machinery For Processing To Be The Major Growth Factor

14-Mar-2018 | Zion Market Research

On the basis of the report, the global meat processing equipment market was esteemed at over USD 9,441.8 Million in 2015, is projected to attain above USD 14,490.6 Million in 2021 and is expected to develop at a CAGR of above 7.4 % between 2016 and 2021.

Meat is one of the staple foods in majority nations across the world. Meat is rich in protein content and fat. The number of meat lovers is drastically increasing around the world. This food type is served in various types of dishes, which creates a necessity to process the meat to serve it in simplified way. The one main reason for processing is the risk of meat getting spoiled owing to secretion of specific enzymes post slaughtering. This has resulted in high utilization of processing techniques to avoid the ruining of meat quality.

High nutritional content is key factor responsible for the Increasing demand for meat and driving the growth of global market. Moreover, increasing utilization of automatic equipment by the market players over the conventional equipment motivates the development of meat processing equipment market. Meat is extremely delicate so processing is necessary to avoid meat from getting spoiled. Though, elevated preliminary expenditure of equipment and impediment usage of the machines as compared to traditional method may hinder the growth of meat processing equipment market. However, major industries are emphasizing on increasing automated machines to conquer the high productivity and labor cost. This inclination is expected to show high growth in the coming future.

The meat processing equipment, Based on the meat type can be bifurcated as chicken meat, duck meat, turkey meat and other. Chicken is the principal segment in terms of consumption owing to easy availability. Diverse types of equipment are made for the processing of meat due to increasing demand for processed meat. Marinating & tumbling, cut-up, deboning & skinning, Killing & de-feathering, evisceration, freezing are some of the foremost equipment obligatory for the processing procedure. The rapidly growing segment is killing & de-feathering equipment as there is the huge requirement for fully automatic equipment for this procedure.

The meat processing equipment market was ruled by Europe and North America. As meat is the most consumed food type in the US the demand for the meat remains constantly rising. There has been a huge demand for meat in the U.S. as meat is consumed on the daily basis in this region.

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Some of the key players dominating the growth of the global meat processing equipment market include., BAADER , BANSS, Prime Equipment Group Marel, Stephan Machinery GmbH, Duravant BIRO® Manufacturing Company, Inc, Bettcher Industries, Marlen International, Inc, Mepaco, Lyco Manufacturing, and A-One Manufacturing LLC.The key players are keenly focusing on the development of automated machinery to increased production in order to meet the demand thus driving the growth of the global meat processing equipment market.

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