Mobile 3D Market: Smartphones and Tablets has the Largest Market Share across the Globe

20-Feb-2018 | Zion Market Research

3D mobile technology grips an immense significance across diverse industrial segments counting telecommunication industry. Development of advanced mobile technologies, increasing number of users, is making remarkable development prospects for the industry across different industrial sectors.

The global mobile 3D market share increases from 128.82 million units in 2015 to 2,337.15 million units by 2021, growing at a CAGR of around 62.1% between 2016 and 2021.

3D mobile technology develops highly defined and accurate images of a specific object. Use of 3D mobile technology in diverse segments would aid in reducing the production cost and time. In terms of designers, they would get a convenient mechanism to have an insightful perceptive of the practicability of any product at the first phase. In the 3D mobile technology market, the 3D display is held responsible for maximum revenue share in the year 2015, mostly owing to the recognition of stereoscopic displays in mobiles and televisions. A huge investment by key players across the globe is the potential driver for the global mobile 3D market. The assertion from key players in terms of expansion is developing a huge perspective for the new and present companies in the industry. Development of distinctive applications and incessantly embryonic technology in the industry are some sturdy factors for mobile 3D technology. The appropriate circumstance of industry across emerging nations and significant penetration to smartphones technology in growing markets are some of the drivers motivating the growth of 3D technology for mobile phones.

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By type, 3D-enabled smartphones and tablets have turned out to be the largest market share in the mobile 3D market around the globe. 3D technology is reviving entertainment module, which presents users a captivating, lively, and high definition experience. It has been witnessed that the penetration of 3D to mobile devices is accelerating owing to evolving 3D technologies. 3D technology has touched the mark of every promising entertainment characteristic, from pocket-size mobile devices to outdoor signage displays. The fresh innovations such as dual-lens 3D mobile cameras and 3D-enabled mobile phones are also motivating the growth of 3D-enabled mobile devices.

3D gaming applications are also attributed to the majority of share in the global mobile 3D market. The increase in demand for high-end technology and high definition games is encouraging the growth of this segment at the global markets.

Asia-Pacific is the leading region for the gaming market globally. Asia-Pacific and North America and are anticipated to develop significantly in the mobile 3D market in coming period. These regions have well-built market key players which will ultimately assist these regions to spur at robust rates in the forthcoming years.

Some of the key players in the mobile 3D market include Sharp Corporation, Hitachi Ltd, Toshiba Corporation, LG Electronics Inc, Samsung Electronics, Imagination Technologies, Qualcomm Inc, Nvidia Corporation, Amobee, MasterImage 3G, 3M Movidius, Apple Inc, Intel Corporation, YUVsoft, and NTT Doc.

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