Flexible electronics could transform the way we make and use electronic devices

02-May-2017 | Zion Market Research

Flexible electronic or flex circuit is a technology for bringing together electronic circuits by placing electronic gadgets on a flexible plastic substance such as PEEK, polyimide, or translucent polyester film that is conductive in nature. Almost each and everyone is well aware of what the interior of a mobile phone or a computer looks like. It is a rigid circuit board, normally green in color, packed with resistors, chips, sockets, and capacitors organized by a housing cover of printed wiring.

But what if the rigidness of the printed circuit board was absent? What if they were flexible enough to twist or even fold?

It may seem like an attractive curiosity in the laboratory, but not quite a case for Enrique Gomez. Gomez is an assistant professor at Penn State of chemical engineering. "It could change the way we use and make electronic gadgets," he claims. Gomez is among many scientists examining flexible electronics at the Materials Research Institute of the University. Others are operating at the same project in corporations and universities globally.

There are 2 causes for the flexible electronics to be in trend.

First, they assure a completely new design instrument. Imagine, for instance, flexible displays that crinkle out as big as a television and minute smartphones that fit around our wrists. Or reconfigurable antennas and photovoltaic cells that match to the trunks and roofs of our cars!

Second, flexible electronics are very affordable and cost minimum to create. Usual semiconductors need intricate methods and multi-million dollar funds. Scientists expect to turn out flexible electronics on plastic film similar to what we do while printing ink on normal newspapers.

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"If we could make flexible electronics sufficiently affordable, you could have disposable electronics. You could run a test to know your health merely by cleaning your nose with the help of a tissue, or wear your phone on your clothing," Gomez says. Before any of this occurs, scientists have to juggle around with what they are aware of electronics. But one thing is for sure that this will surely boost the global flexible electronics market in the future resulting in a drastic growth and development.

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