Upsurging demand for cold chain equipment to boost its market

03-Apr-2017 | Zion Market Research

A cold chain is a temperature-organized supply chain. An uninterrupted cold chain is a continuous cycle of refrigerated manufacture, storage, and division activities coupled with linked logistics and equipment, which manage a preferred low-temperature range. It is utilized to protect and to expand and make certain the products’ shelf life, including seafood, fresh agricultural produce, photographic film, frozen food, pharmaceutical drugs, and chemicals. Such products when in transitory storage or during transport are known as cool cargo. Unlike other merchandise or goods, cold chain goods are delicate and always en route to the destination or end use, even when held for the short term in cold stores and therefore, generally referred to as cargo while its complete logistics cycle.

Cold chains are regular in the pharmaceutical and food industries and also in few chemical shipments. One universal temperature array for a cold chain is 2–8°C in pharmaceutical industries but the exact temperature tolerances are based on the actual product being transported. Exclusive to freshly manufactured cargoes, the cold chain needs to in addition keep product-specific surroundings parameters that consist of air quality levels (humidity, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and others) and thus, makes it the most complex cold chain to manage.

In the medical science, the prescription is not complete without medicines and vaccination. The several cold chain equipment used include ice packs, cold boxes, and vaccine carrier box. Sufficient arrangements should be done to assure constant temperature while storing and transporting.

Cold chain equipment is essential because:

  • Cold life is required for the storing vaccine for the longer terms.
  • If the effectiveness of a medicine vanishes, it cannot be recovered.
  • An intricate laboratory test is required to verify whether the potency of the vaccine is lost owing to contact with heat as vaccines do not alter their look, so it is hard to deem that the vaccine is extinct in the vial.
  • Useful in shipping the vaccine at the required temperature.
  • Efficient for storage.

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The cold chain equipment market is anticipated to be prized by 2011 at USD 271.30 Billion by 2022 and is estimated to develop at a 7% CAGR during the forecast period of 2017–2022.

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