Who, How, Why, and What about the business Intelligence solutions?

15-May-2017 | Zion Market Research

Intelligence is linked with the smartness and intellectuality. No matter what activities you do intelligently, the results will always be beneficial. It doesn’t have to be proved as the advancement across the globe is the live example of the intelligently planned strategies, smartly implemented procedures, and intellectually applied results.

Similar fundamentals can be applied in terms of business. Business is a complete consolidation of the technical architectures, strategies, processes, data integration and analysis, tools, and, management. Previously, the process of the analysis was carried through manual methodologies but now the automated software does the magic that too in an efficient and reliable manner. The majority of the business intelligence solutions are used to hit the precise business predictions, to cut cost, and to identify forthcoming growth opportunities.  

Who are the end users of business intelligence system?

Every organization, enterprise, SME, manufacturing plant mandatorily use business intelligence system; but in these facilities, there are some specific individuals analyzing and strategizing things. Below are the types of users that majorly handle the intricate prediction, expansion, and future forecast planning.

  • Professional analysts graph the figures as per the parameters and present an in-depth analysis of the business performance and predictions.
  • IT users for data integration and data modeling.
  • Business Users for reports and presentations.
  • Extra-Enterprise Users
  • Casual Users for scorecards and performance dashboards.
  • Strategic decision-makers utilize it for spend analytics, financial consolidations, compensation planning, and customer analytics.
  • Operational decision-makers utilize it for supplier management, inventory management, fulfillment ratio, logistics, and production planning.
  • Tactical decisions-makers use the system to execute the business activities, data sharing, and information analysis.

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Some points that should be remembered while dealing with business intelligence

  • Ensure the data is clean before processing.
  • Train associates accurately.
  • Rapidly adjust the reports that have been generated, process the required data and later adjust the structure of the report.
  • Fetch the data that you need; working on irrelevant data may result in poor business strategies with unappreciable outcomes.
  • Stay focus on business goals.
  • Avoid unnecessary purchase of expensive BI software, rectify if you actually need it.

However, looking at the demand rate of BI based software and solutions, the global business intelligence market is expected to spur in the coming period.

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