Synopsis of antiseptics and disinfectants

15-May-2017 | Zion Market Research

Since a long time, the antiseptics and disinfectants are being used for a number of applications, especially in the healthcare sector. The antiseptics and the disinfectants are mostly available for the topical or hard-surface purposes. In these, the biocides or chemical agents are found, which are being used since the ancient times. The biocides used include phenols, alcohols, chlorine, or iodine. Though these active agents deliver the tremendous level of antimicrobial property, still there is no much clue about its mode of action or activity. The biocidal products are mainly bifurcated into the following types such as iodine, alcohol, aldehydes, chlorine, phenol, quaternary ammonium compounds, amides, biguanides as well as the domestic and institutional end-users.

In simple terms, the antiseptics are biocidal products that kill or halt the microorganisms’ multiplication either on or in the living tissue, whereas the disinfectants are also biocidal products itself but the only difference is that it is used on non-living or inanimate objects, especially surfaces. Some of the common examples of the antiseptics include handwashes, surgical scrubs and that of disinfectants includes alcohols, household bleach, phenolics, and so on. There is a huge demand for the control practices in the global antiseptics and disinfectants market due to the rising concern regarding the nosocomial infection and various bacterial infections. The food and other consumer product’s rising contamination or infection risks are expected to upsurge the utilization of these products among the general public. And, also owing to a broad spectrum of activity of the antiseptics and disinfectants along with the multiple target option, there is a major problem regarding the increase in the development of resistance among the microbes.

The mounting use of the biocidal-based products and the infection or contamination risk among the masses is the major reason boosting the North American market followed by Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America. According to a survey conducted, the United States constituted 41% of the total growth of the global antiseptics and disinfectants market. And some of the prominent players in the global market include American Biotech Labs, 3M Company, Bio-Cide International Inc., Abc Compounding, Cardinal Health and Carefusion Corp., Becton, Advanced Sterilization Products, Angelini Pharma Inc., Dickinson And Company, and others.

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Hence, the keenness regarding the health will open a new arena for the global antiseptics and disinfectants market.


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