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15-May-2017 | Zion Market Research

A urinalysis is nothing but an examination of a sample of urine. It is an extremely ordinary test that can be executed in various healthcare settings, including urgent-care facilities, doctors' offices, hospitals, and laboratories. This easiness of conducting the test and the huge amount of data provided by it is fueling the global urinalysis market.

A urinalysis test is executed by gathering a sample of urine from the patient in a sample cup. Generally, only minute quantities (around 30 mLs to 60 mLs) might be needed for testing the urine. The specimen can be either examined in the remedial treatment center or transferred to a laboratory to carry out the tests. Urinalysis is shortened as UA.

Generally, UA is relatively inexpensive and simply available. It is also an easy test and can offer many helpful data about different conditions and diseases. Some doctors refer urinalysis as "kidney biopsy of a poor man" due to the overabundance of data that can be gained regarding the fitness of the kidney or different interior disorders by this ease test. Urine can be estimated by its cloudiness, color, clarity, odor, or macroscopic examination. It can be also studied on the basis of its microscopic assessment or molecular as well as chemical properties.

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Urinalysis is suggested by doctors for different causes, including the following:

Schedule medical evaluation: assessment before surgery; common annual screening; admission to hospital; and screening for diabetes mellitus, kidney disease, liver disease, hypertension and others.

Assessing particular symptoms: painful urination, abdominal pain, fever, flank pain, blood in the urine, or other urinary signs.

Diagnosing medical conditions: kidney infection, urinary tract infection, uncontrolled diabetes, kidney stones, muscle breakdown, kidney impairment, drug screening, protein in the urine, and kidney inflammation.

Monitoring response to therapy and disease progression: kidney impairment, diabetes-related kidney disease, blood pressure related kidney disease, lupus-related kidney disease, protein in the urine, kidney infection, blood in urine, and others.

Apart from this, the cost required for performing a urinalysis is too affordable. According to a survey in the U.S., almost 75% of internal diseases and disorders, majorly including kidney issues, are diagnosed by urinalysis.

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