Keep these tips and tricks in mind while cleaning the smart glass

11-Apr-2017 | Zion Market Research

Smart glass is glazing or glass whose properties of light transmission are changed when light, voltage, or heat is applied. Generally, the glass modifies to transparent from translucent, changing to letting light pass through from blocking some wavelengths of light. But, how to clean these types of glasses!!! It’s not that you apply water, rub it, and clean it. Here are some tips for cleaning smart glass.

Doing a routine clean is one of the important things that are needed for a clean smart glass. While cleaning ensures watches and jewelry are uninvolved and make sure to wear gloves. Inundate the surface of the glass with a cloth saturated with the cleaning solution or with a spray-on cleaning solution. Be kind with the quantity of solution applied. Brush the drenched surface with a lint free, clean cloth or towel. Clean dry with a lint free, clean, and dry cloth or towel. On the coated surface, avoid using a squeegee. To avoid smudging, discontinue cleaning when the glass is almost dry and there is a consistent layer of damp left on the surface of the glass. The layer will rapidly fade away leaving a spotless surface.

Sometimes, spot cleaning is also necessary. Spot cleaning is required when a foreign material is adhered to the surface of the glass and is hard for us to remove it since the material is glued very precisely. So here is how to do a spot cleaning. While cleaning ensures watches and jewelry are uninvolved and make sure to wear gloves. Pour a little quantity of the cleaner to a wet as well as clean towel or cloth. Scrub on that section of glass where there is a need of spot cleaning. Wash spotless using lint free, clean, and dry cloth or towel followed by a routine cleaning method mentioned above.

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Well, the Windex® Multi-Surface Cleaner is the most common cleaning solution that is used for the cleaning smart glasses all around the world, mainly in Asia Pacific. It has a major role in driving the global smart glass market as well. So friends, use the above tips and methods for cleaning any smart glass. Hope this was helpful for you…

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