Newly implemented Self Service Technologies from the customer’s point of view

18-Apr-2017 | Zion Market Research

We are surviving in the age where even a minor task can be transformed into automated version. Global advancements and innovations have massively renovated the words such as task, work, and efforts. These are the words that are the actively and physically done by every human on the earth. Even receiving a call is a task as per the scientific definition of work. This concept of work has completely transformed to an automated mode which means low human interventions in the task. We cannot say fully exit of human from the process or system, but yes if compared to the figures of installations and presently functioning examples of the latest technology it has won the competition long back. Focusing on the self-service technologies that are in a win-win situation right owing to its streamlined processes, the potential for increasing revenue, reduced manpower cost, and ease of the business transaction.

Thinking from the customers’ point of view, are customers hesitating or shying to use it. The answer is no. The majority of the customers don’t really like the assistance of the employee unless it is too intricate and poorly made which makes the customer frustrated and anxious due to repetitive procedures of the machines or products build based on the self-service technology.

Need of employee presence

There is no doubt that the systems are efficient and deliver great accuracy. The chances of the failure will be low, but this minimal error ratio or complexity in interaction with the machine generates a requirement for concern person to assist in such situations. Not for the whole operation but just for guidance in terms of system failure.    

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No one likes if someone asks them to hurry up while placing the order at a food place that is operated by the executives and in the case you have nothing to do with the delay. This can be a primary reason for the inclination on self-service technology. Location of these technologies setup should be very precisely selected so that customers can readily adopt the habit and get friendly with the interpretation.

After customers get familiar with the technology, the requirement for employee’s attendance may be significantly reduced.

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