Escalating Health Consciousness Boosting The Global Ready To Drink Tea And Coffee Market

24-Jul-2018 | Zion Market Research

Today’s speedy and hectic lifestyle is attracting people toward Ready To Drink (RTD) tea. Similarly, RTD coffee is broadly popular, especially in youngsters, as an alternate option to the carbonated drinks.

RTD tea is specifically considered as a health drink by the consumers in the orient. RTD coffee gives an immediate energy and offers the user with more alertness and freshness. Increasing alertness about the health benefits of drinking tea such as antioxidant properties, the rise in the number of individuals with hectic lifestyles, and raised disposable income is responsible for making consumers go for RTD tea and coffee.

Different players in the market are implementing various strategic moves such as acquisitions and mergers that propel the global market. For instance, earlier in 2017, Unilever announced that it is acquiring TAZO, a specialty tea brand, from Starbucks.

Increasing awareness of the side effects of carbonated drinks is one of the important factors that shifted the demand towards the RTD tea and coffee products. Consumers are more inclined towards RTD tea and coffee with the huge growth in health consciousness, which resulted in driving the global market.

The trend of being proactive to the persistent health issues has created an incredible demand for RTD tea and coffee as they offer antioxidants and other essential ingredients. Global trends are moving towards personalized nutrition.

Growing heart health and obesity concern among an older population can encourage for the increasing demand for the product among this population. Fast-paced lifestyles together with raising healthiness awareness are expected to boost the growth of the market.

Rising healthcare prices are making people alert about the increasing costs related to the proper medical services. High cost related to healthcare has motivated people to focus on self-nutrition and preventive healthcare activities. Such activities may lead to increasing demand for RTD tea and coffee that offer various health benefits.

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