Pyrogen testing market—a sector determined to avoid drug contamination

22-May-2017 | Zion Market Research

A testing method that is used by drug makers to identify the existence of the bacterial toxin elements in vaccines, which if consumed might lead to severe illness is termed as pyrogen testing. It decides whether organisms or their metabolites are available in intravenous arrangements amid the assembling procedure. The most well-known and most preferred type of pyrogen testing comprises of infusing medications into rabbits to decide whether the fever is developed. The latest test involves the use of blood from the horseshoe crab to check for toxins.

The rabbit pyrogen testing technique surfaced in the 1940s after few patients turned out to be sick from intravenous medications. Hypodermic gadgets at that time turned out to be valuable for directing drugs straightforwardly into the blood circulatory system for patients who were not able to endure the oral prescriptions. Despite the fact that hypodermics gadgets were sterile, the medications were not reliably protected.

The human body battles with a bacterial contaminant present in nature through the skin. At the point when polluted drugs are infused into the circulatory system, the normal defense mechanism of the human body fails to resist the toxins, thus toxins are bypassed. White platelets start discharging another type of pyrogen that causes high fever, which may prompt stun and death.

Pyrogen testing in medication labs includes heating apparatus utilized to ensure sterilization. The medication is infused into ear veins of rabbits to check whether a fever is developed. Rectal temperature of animal that is under testing is monitored and analyzed after 30 minutes and post 1–3 hours. In the whole event, if the animal under testing doesn’t develop fever, the solution is toxin-free

The method of pyrogen testing is majorly used in biotechnology and pharmaceutical labs to check if there is contaminating agents in the drug. The pyrogen testing method is fruitful in terms of the result. Looking at the potential of the testing, the increasing investment in research and development as well as constant development of new drugs have motivated the growth of the global pyrogen testing market. Moreover, rising incidences of the chronic disease and growing expenditure on health care are also some prominent factors responsible for the growth of the global pyrogen market.

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