Rising Demand For Lightweight Materials In Automotive Industry is Boosting Global Plastic Fillers Market

24-Jul-2018 | Zion Market Research

Plastic fillers are used in the manufacturing of various automatic parts, tools, toys, and other entities. When they are blended with the compound material in an appropriate proportion, they form plastics that offer high tenacity, increased firmness, and superior stability.

The main use of plastic filler is to reduce the amount of the plastic used in the manufacturing of the plastic products, which results in offering the cost-effective products with high quality and durability. These plastic fillers offer the properties same as plastic, so they can be easily used to match the volume of plastic without compromising the quality of product. In fact, they help in boosting its quality by increasing the stiffness and hardness of the plastic materials.

One of the important factors driving the growth of the global plastic fillers market is the rising demand for the use of lightweight materials in the automotive industry. The increased use of the plastic products in the packaging industry and construction industry has impacted positively on the growth of the plastic fillers market.

With the majority of plastic manufacturing industries in the country, China is showing tremendous growth in the global plastic fillers market. The country is successfully exporting three times more plastics as compared to its imports. This growth in the export is because of the low production costs in the region. However, the recent government movements of banning the plastics in regular use might affect the growth of the global plastic fillers industry.

Various market players planning to boost the quality of their products will have a positive effect on the global market. For instance, JasonMould has announced that it is strategizing to raise the quality of production for electronic equipment, safety equipment, household appliances, medical equipment, and monitoring system. It has launched services that offer better usage of plastic and metals in the production of different types of equipment and systems.

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