Solar tracking: A new technology for utilizing the sun to the fullest

22-May-2017 | Zion Market Research

Photovoltaic trackers are commonly known as the solar trackers. These trackers are basically used to help capture and convert the energy obtained from the sun into utilizable electricity. The photovoltaic trackers are generally semiconductors that change their orientation to capture the maximum energy. The angle of incidence on these panels is reduced between the panel and the incident light so as to capture the maximum of energy. The solar systems have these trackers so as to produce more energy from the incident light. The global photovoltaic tracker market is flourishing at a faster pace owing to the increasing need for a renewable energy source.

The market is basically bifurcated into single axis tracker, double axis tracker, active tracker, passive tracker, chronological tracker, multi-mirror concentrating photovoltaic tracker, concentrating photovoltaic tracker, and non-photovoltaic tracker. Though the system is a fantastic energy-output device still it has a number of advantages as well as disadvantages. The photovoltaic trackers are movable, which helps capture more sunlight. The major drawbacks are its price, climate-based type, complexity, and high maintenance cost. Thus, in terms of output it excels in the global market but at the same time, its cost and maintenance pull it back down.

Currently, the depletion in the non-renewable source of energy is expected to bolster the global photovoltaic tracker market. In addition to this, the demand for the renewable source in the commercial and residential area is a bonanza for the market. However, the photovoltaic tracker’s shadow effect on the nearby villages is basic reason behind placing the trackers at specific distances from each other. According to a conducted study, the photovoltaic trackers show 20% more annual power output compared to the fixed-mounted systems and these projects are coming up in the U.S. at 4.5–5.5% per kilowatt per hour.

Some of the prominent players in the market include First Solar Inc., Wuxi Hao Solar Technology Co. Ltd., Array Technologies Inc., Grupo Clavijo Elt SL, Mechatron S.A., AllEarth Renewables Inc., SunPower Corporation, Titan Tracker SL, Energia Ercam SL, SmartTrak Solar Systems Pvt. Ltd., Abengoa Solar S.A., Powerway Renewable Energy Co. Ltd., Mecasolar Espana SL, and DEGERenergie GmbH. Europe is considered to be one of the dominating regions in terms of the photovoltaic tracker demand and supply.