When it’s about the food, paper packaging material quality should be superior

02-May-2017 | Zion Market Research

The packaging of the material changes according to the components of a particular item. Picking applicable packaging materials is an intricate issue owing to a large assortment of items, packaging systems, and materials. Some of the natural packaging materials that are used for packaging that include cardboard and paper have a slight risk to the environment as well as to human health. On the other hand, processes required to transform properties such as printing may result in contamination of packed products. The only way that effectively secures the consumable products from negative effect from damage-causing substance is the utilization of smartly selected materials with depth understanding of specification of the packaging materials.

The trend of packaging has become a fundamental division of the products and in some case even more crucial than the content. The utilization of paper materials for packaging is been carried since many years. The production figures of boards and packaging paper in the European nations is around 30 Million tons per year. Further, based on this it is predicted that the half of the quantity comes into the contact with food that we consume. Consumers majorly focus on the packaging that is safe, inexpensive, convenient, high shelf life, healthy, and environmental friendliness. The manufacturers are now inclining more on developing efficient and multipurpose packaging material that would not only protect the products from transportation damage but also secure the content from spoiling, deliver useful information to consumers, and handy for the usage. Another factor that is taken into consideration while choosing the material is its applicability of the advertising. If the materials failed to follow these crucial parameters, then it might be a problem for the person who intakes it, since indirectly packed food is in contact with the packaging material.

Coming on to the next step, when packaging material is processed for printing purpose, approximately 90% of all producers of stimulants and foodstuffs are varnished, refined, laminated, and embossed. Food contamination caused due printing inks is also a major concern nowadays. The issue is elements of printing ink transfer to the other side that is unprinted, which has a contact with the packed product.

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There are some alternatives that the researchers are developing to clear the issue of the contamination.

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