Neem Extract: A concentrated form that is solution to global problems

18-Apr-2017 | Zion Market Research

Azadirachta indica, i.e., neem tree, grows in India and neighboring regions, has been known as "Arishtha," in Sanskrit which means "reliever of illness." Almost each component of the tree is helpful for curing and has been utilized medicinally for over 2000 years. The extract of neem has been utilized to treat a huge range of diseases. They are extensively utilized in the manufacturing of a broad array of cosmetic, pest control products, and medicines. Neem extract consists of concentrated form of principle compounds or active present in neem. As a number of active compounds are usually not very high in leaves, seeds, or other parts of the plant, it is essential to get these compounds in concentrated form and utilize the concentrated extracts for the production of end products.

Types of Neem Extracts

  • Neem Seed Extract: The seed extract of neem is extensively utilized in several industries. Neem seeds are derived by a solvent as well as aqueous techniques. It is one of the richest and highest sources consisting of concentrated active compounds.
  • Neem Leaf Extract: The leaves extract of neem is broadly utilized for skin care associated and medicinal applications. It has a fruit-like aroma and consists of indispensable fatty acids. The neem leaves extract has several large-scale industrial and personal applications. They are also utilized in a number of insecticides & pesticides. The high effectiveness extracts are utilized to make personal products such as skin creams, facial creams, oral care products, and cleaners.
  • Neem Bark Extract: The bark extract of neem has been utilized since decades, to produce diverse products, spanning from skin care to oral care, from conventional medicines to allopathic drugs. It also has a therapeutic perspective to control and avoid intestinal issues. The compounds in the bark extract aid in strengthening the immune system, and hence make the body defiant to diseases.

Uses of Neem Extracts

  • Neem extracts are utilized in diverse domains such as herbal industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and agricultural industry to make quality natural products.
  • Dermatology issues such as scabies, eczema, and so on.
  • Neem extracts are utilized to treat several diseases, including hypertension, malaria, diabetes, as they have a high medicinal value.
  • Neem extracts are also utilized as an efficient and harmless way of controlling pests.

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