3D technology: The next big thing in the global mobile 3D market

22-May-2017 | Zion Market Research

3D technology is currently one of the most booming sectors. However, there is still some more time for the technology to be accepted on a worldwide basis. Lately, the 3D technology is being employed to build houses, certain medical devices, human organs, mobile phones, and other devices as well. The technology makes the manufacturing process feasible as well as faster and that too in large numbers making it possible to meet the supply and demand chain of the public and thus bolstering the global 3D market.

Looking at the current increase in the mobile users, the researchers have planned to use the 3D technology in the telecommunication industry that is the smartphone or mobile phone sector. The technology is being used to make 3D displays for the smartphones that is an auto-stereoscopic 3D screen without using any external eyewear or other wearables. The 3D gaming, 3D projections along with the 3D advertisements make the whole 3D imaging technology in the mobile phones all the more enthralling and exciting.

The 3D technology is being used to make the mobile phones even more compact and portable along with a high 3D feature for turning the gaming, clicking pictures, taking videos, and others into a whole new experience. For now, the mobile 3D market is basically bifurcated into 3D-enabled Tablets, 3D-enabled Notebooks, and 3D-enabled smartphones based on the product type, on the basis of which the 3D technology is evolving at a very faster rate in the telecommunication sector. The 3D technology’s penetration into the mobile phone world is like taking a step closer to its revolutionary success in the coming years.

Currently, North America and Asia-Pacific are leading the global mobile 3D market. Some of the prominent companies dominating the global mobile 3D market include MasterImage 3G, Nvidia Corporation, Imagination Technologies, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics Inc., 3M Movidius, Hitachi Ltd., Amobee Inc., YUVsoft, Apple Inc., Qualcomm Inc., NTT Doc, Sharp Corporation, Intel Corporation, and Toshiba Corporation.

And according to the Sharp Corporation officials, the company made huge success after shipping 4.325 Millions of its 3D-enabled smartphone, Sharp mova SH251iS, in 2002. Since then, there are a number of 3D-enabled phones manufacturing companies coming up.

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