Automate your fluidic operation by assembling these new smart valves

18-Apr-2017 | Zion Market Research

Ever seen any factory that is webbed with loads pipes and joints? Ever wondered how it gets through? Where it goes and how it stops? It’s true that every setup has its own significance and design has its own parameters. Previously when such factories had an error in its piping system, the entire mechanism was shut to rectify the issue of breakdown which as a result led to a huge loss for the owners due to high down time and reduced production rate. It’s like you are bathing under the shower and shower gel is nicely settled all over your body and water stops functioning, the same frustration is witnessed by the company owners.

So for now let’s think and get smart, the days of manual thinking is on the step towards end. Valves are one of the crucial devices in the industries such as food & Beverage, Oil & gas, commercial and industrial facilities. The transmission of fluid and gas is carried out on high quantity for processing the manufacturing line. It cannot be predicted that when the supply pipe or valves will fail. Thus to avoid any leakages and brutal accidents smart valves are one of the trending devices integrated in the similar type as the traditional valves are.

Smart Valves are the next controllers of the liquid and gases that intend to pass to complete the process. They are well programmed devices integrated with various sensors that can sense the motion, speed, temperature, and also its quality if degraded. The basic work the sensor does is identifies the issue and signals the controller or monitoring unit to discontinue the supply of the fluid or gas. Constant advancement in the power electronic and automation system has helped the engineers to design these smart valves in connected way. This means, the overall mechanism of the supply can be monitored and controlled by seating far away from the monitoring unit.

The application of these smart valves will drastically help in reducing the overall maintenance cost, production rate, and error less transmission. Though the setup comes with lots of expensive hardware but the results will probably save lot more than what you invested.

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