Hydrogen peroxide and its effect on human health and environment

15-May-2017 | Zion Market Research

Many of the chemicals are manufactured even though they exist in the atmosphere naturally. Exposure to hydrogen peroxide gas leads to irritation of eyes, skin, respiratory airway, and throat. Residential use of this chemical result in low exposure while, industrial use of this chemical result in a high exposure. Hydrogen peroxide decomposes readily to oxygen and water after heat release. By nature it is non-flammable, but it can spontaneously combust when exposed to the organic compound.

What when it moves in the environment?

  • Hydrogen peroxide doesn’t gather in the food chain.
  • If exposed to soil, the chemical will break down by reaction with other compounds.
  • Similarly, hydrogen peroxide released in the air will react rapidly with compounds present in the air.
  • In water, hydrogen peroxide rapidly breaks.

How does it affect human health?

Hydrogen peroxide, as said above, is extremely hazardous if it comes in contact with human body. Inhalation of this chemical can result in severe respiratory irritation. If inhaled vapors of hydrogen peroxide with a concentration of 10%, it may lead to intense pulmonary irritation.

Consumption of diluted solution of chemical causes gastric distension, gastrointestinal erosions, embolism, and vomiting. If exposed to tissues with a concentration of 10-20%, it may also burn and damage the tissue. It also has severe effects such as rapid loss of consciousness and respiratory paralysis.

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How to reduce the exposure to hydrogen peroxide?

  • At the first place avoid keeping this chemical at home if not needed.
  • If kept in the house, do not store the hydrogen peroxide in containers that can attract children’s attention easily such as bottles. It should be kept out of reach from children.

Hydrogen peroxide is majorly used as disinfectant and bleaching agent that is easily available in drugstore and supermarket. Due to its high utility in industries and owing to its wide application, there are high chances that workers may constantly get exposed and face health complications in terms of inhalation and skin irritation.

Emphasizing on the health hazards and rising incidences of industrial accidents have somewhere hindered the growth of the global hydrogen peroxide market. However, taking precautionary steps to avoid such severe exposure can help to reduce the hazards of the chemical.

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