Symptoms, self help, and treatment to get free from general anxiety disorders

03-Apr-2017 | Zion Market Research

General anxiety disorders or generalized anxiety disorders (GAD) normally occurs alongside other mental or physical disorders such as substance or alcohol abuse that might cover the symptoms of anxiety. So are there any methods and measures to prevent it? Technically speaking, yes!!! But let us have a look at the symptoms of general anxiety disorder.

Do you ever find the following thoughts similar?

  1. “He is late—he should have been here 15 minutes ago! Oh my, God, what am I going to do> he must have met with an accident!”
  2. “I cannot get my mind to impede… it’s making me nuts!"
  3. “I cannot sleep—I just start to feel fear… and I am not aware why!”

There is a slight line between the normal worry and general anxiety disorder. General anxiety disorder worry is intrusive, excessive, disruptive, and persistent.

Emotional symptoms of general anxiety disorder involve constant worry, anxiety, intrusive thoughts, uncertainty, and terror. Behavioral symptoms of general anxiety disorder involve lack of ability to relax, lack of concentration, and overwhelmed. Physical symptoms of general anxiety disorder involve feeling tensed, lack of sleep, feeling restless, feeling edgy, feeling jumpy, diarrhea, nausea, and other stomach problems.

How can this be cured?

Well, even though there are many techniques to cure the general anxiety disorder, most of them are very common. The most usual is to stay connected. Staying in touch with others helps the mind to be busy and focused. This also results in slowing down the effect of general anxiety disorder. Another way that can be helpful is trying to be calm. You can to this by using sight (looking at things that calm you), sound (listening to music that calms you), smell (smelling the things such as flowers and candles that calm you), and taste (eating those items that calm you). You can also cover up for general anxiety disorder by practicing relaxation techniques. All this will help in driving the general anxiety disorder market.

Remember to continue your medication and practice these things side by side. This will surely help you in controlling and overcoming general anxiety disorder.

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