Gas turbine market flourishes due to rising number of space projects

03-Apr-2017 | Zion Market Research

It feels great when we see spacecraft, rocket or even a jet that leaves its huge trails while traveling at supersonic speed. But you ever thought that how it actually works, and how come it is released in such a huge quantity, what is the actual mechanism behind it.  If you have that curiosity in your head, we will definitely try to resolve some of it partly; rest of it can be done as a homework.

The mechanism of the gas turbine can also be well explained by the working of the power plant, as the prime intention of this heavy machine is just to generate energy. This generation of energy depends on the various types of gas turbines used for generating electricity or to take the spacecraft into space.

The gas turbine is the key component behind the lifting and moving operation of the air-based transport. A gas turbine market is a prominent machine used while making the fully developed spacecraft. As it types differs the overall power generation ratio also differs.

The three vital elements that play a vital role in fueling the jets and rockets include the compressor, combustion system, and final the turbine.


It fetches air into the engine, creates a huge pressure and supply’s it into the chamber where combustion takes place. The feeding of pressurized gas is done at a rate of hundred miles per hour.


The combustion system is characteristically integrated with a ring of fuel injectors that sprays the fuel in the form of a steady stream and later it mixes with pressurized air penetrated by the compressor. The mixture is further ignited at 2000 degrees F. The combustion generates high pressure and temperature that goes in and expands through the turbine section.


The turbine is a complicated arrangement of alternate motionless and revolving aerofoil part blades. When the hot combination of gas enters through the turbine division it turns the rotating blades. The rotating blades dual functions after it spin; it forces the compressor to fetch more pressurized air and on other hand cranks the generator that produces electricity.

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