Infosys Drug Discovery Informatics to drive the global market

03-Apr-2017 | Zion Market Research

The introduction of next-generation sequencing has resulted in supreme growth in the data produced by the life sciences industry. This augmentation requires significant modifications in the areas of processing, data storage, analysis, and management.

Infosys Drug Discovery Informatics platform allows you to tackle these new needs efficiently. The platform utilizes difficult bioinformatics algorithms to manage life sciences data and swarms multiple in-silico models. It permits you to:

  • Merge varied curated public datasets linked to disease, drug, pathway, protein, sequence data, and gene expression.
  • Attach new data sources (private and subscription) and types with ease.
  • Achieve diverse outlooks on outcomes with the use of different categories of visualization.
  • Include various in-silico R&D processes and workflows varying from biomarker recognition and target detection to drug repurposing with the use of next-generation sequencing datasets for intricate diseases.
  • Broaden the supple architecture to construct novel tailored methods and algorithms for various facets of drug discovery.

Drug development and discovery is an extremely intricate process that needs the production of huge quantities of information and data. At present, this is a mainly unmet informatics issue. The existing ways of generating knowledge and information from ample quantities of data has been tackled in instances where the forms of data are at the very least well-defined or mostly homogeneous. However, we are on the edge of a stimulating new period of drug discovery informatics in which techniques and methods concerned with producing knowledge from information and information from data are experiencing an ideal change It is essential to deal with these problems with all of the information at hand from the existing projects as well from the earlier challenges at drug development. What is the future of drug discovery informatics? Predictably, the incorporation of distributed, heterogeneous data is needed. Integration and mining of domain-specific data such as genomic and chemical data will persist to develop. Searching and management of graphical, undefined, and textual data that are at present tricky, will become an essential element of data searching and a necessary constituent of building knowledge and information bases.

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