Carbon Fiber- A perfect replacement for heavy metallic parts in automobiles

02-May-2017 | Zion Market Research

Advancement in material science has given some outstanding material composition with great specifications and abilities. Automobiles sector is the best place to witness this kind of extra competent material. One of the trending material that is rendering around the brains of engineers and researchers is the carbon fiber. Carbon material helps to reduce some heavy weight from the vehicle along with added style and eye-pleasing texture.

Below are some of the replacement parts designed by the auto specialist for that heavy metal-made hardware.

Carbon fiber hood

The hood is one of the heaviest parts of the body panels. Fitment of carbon fiber hood drops a large amount of weight from the car and also comes with elegant design. Detailing such as vents and other unique features makes the ride aggressive and stylish.

Carbon fiber spoiler

Spoilers add more sport in the vehicle, especially if it’s GT. No matter you love them or hate them, it is a great visual upgrade. Adding a carbon fiber spoiler will not only enhance the looks of the vehicle but would also add the extra down force if it’s precisely adjusted.

Carbon fiber racer seat

If anyone has a second thought about those carbon fiber made racer seats, guys you seriously need to rethink. Installing these seats in the car and rolling out the wheels, no matter at what velocity you are at, it would keep the driver firm and stable behind the wheels.

Carbon fiber side skirts

Side skirts don't have the connection with car’s performance but it probably helps to enhance the beauty of the car from the side view with those shiny spinning alloy wheels. It helps your car stand out if the vehicles have customized front and rear bumpers.

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Carbon fiber wheels

Carbon fiber is one of the most incredible innovations that hit the automotive industry. Though the wheel sets are expensive but the cost is worth if looked into the specification. It is 40-50% lighter which helps to improve the overall performance of the car.

Other parts that are made up of carbon fiber material include front grille, pedal kit, even steering wheel, mirrors, shift knob, and many others.

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