Alzheimer’s Drugs Market: Introduction of New Drugs For Disease Detection To Spur Market Growth

26-Jul-2018 | Zion Market Research

Medical research has proved Alzheimer to be a neurodegenerative ailment and a key cause of dementia, a syndrome that affects behavioral & cognitive skills of an individual resulting in memory loss due to death of neurons. For the record, in last few years, pharmaceutical firms such as AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly, Merck & Co., Roche, Biogen, Roche, and Eisai spent a large amount of currency on Alzheimer drugs research program. However, with an increase in the failure rate of the drugs very few new Alzheimer drug treatments have been approved over a couple of years.

Reportedly, the U.S. FDA has approved only five Alzheimer Drugs therapies, including rivastigmine, donepezil, memantime, combination of donepezil & memantime, and galantamine. Medical experts claim that the drugs used to treat Alzheimer disease are highly dependent on patients and can bring only marginally improvement in the patient’s medical condition.

Nevertheless, though many drug therapies used in treating Alzheimer resulted in failures during clinical trials, researchers believe that the number of drugs advancing through clinical phase 2 & phase 3 trials have the ability to cure the ailment. According to them, approximately 100 dementia drugs in the phase- 2 and phase-3 clinical trials can cause a new breakthrough in the Alzheimer drug treatment.

Recently, Pharmaceutical Giants Eisai and Biogen have declared that BAN2401, the first anti-amyloid medicine has slowed the brain-destroying activity of the ailment in the patients over the span of 18 months during the early mild disease phase. Biogen Inc. also reported that the same study carried out on the patients during 12 months earlier did not display any benefits. Medical experts term the reversing of the result as a ray of hope for both the Alzheimer patients as well as Alzheimer’s drugs market.

Last week, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates announced new funding for Alzheimer drug research. Authentic sources cite that through Diagnostics Accelerator funding program Gates, Leonard Launder, Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation,   the Dolby family and others have declared to invest over USD 30 million in Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery foundation for the next three years. The move is aimed at developing new drugs to detect Alzheimer during its early phase. This, in turn, will likely to boost Alzheimer’s Drugs Market over the next few years.

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