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Global Commercial Telematics Market to Post Strong Growth Due to Elevated Penetration of Smart Phones Coupled with Technological Advancements


Telematics is the combination of computers and wireless telecommunications technologies for transferring a large amount of data in vehicles in real time.It involves the telematics used by the light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles. It includes wireless communications, location devices, and ve...Read More

Rising Demand for Detergents to Augment the Protein Hydrolysis Market Growth


Proteins are molecules essential for the functioning of all living organisms. They are made up of chains of amino acids linked by peptide bonds. Protein hydrolysis is the process of breakdown of protein/peptide bond into smaller peptides into free amino acids. Protein hydrolysis enzymes are one of...Read More

Food Safety Testing Market Has Taken a New Direction and Growing Gradually With Robust Growth Rate


Global food supply is under constant threat and demand for effective test products which ensures food safety is increasing consistently. Microbial pathogens such as bacteria, viruses can harm consumers if foods items are not testes properly. Testing for Genetically Modified food is also conducted ...Read More

Increasing Demand from Water Treatment and Pharmaceutical Industries to Foster Sales Of Chlorine


Chlorine belongs to the group of halogen chemicals. Chlorine is one of the most generally used as purifier for water disinfection. Chlorine can be found dissolved in seas and salty lakes as well as in the ground as rock salts or halite. Chlorine is an important raw material widely used in the prod...Read More

Growing Concern Regarding Physical Fitness to Augment the Growth of Whey Protein Market


Proteins are vital nutrients for the human body to execute motar function. Protein is a large bio molecule consisting of one or more chain of amino acids. Whey protein is one of the essential proteins found in milk. Whey contains all the soluble ingredients found in milk, such as lactose, minerals...Read More

Growing Demand from Paper & Pulp Industry Mainly in Asia Pacific Region to Act as Major Driver for Defoamers Market


Formation of foam is one of major factor affecting many industrial processes. Defoamers help to reduce and hinder the formation of foam in industrial process liquids. Defoamers are insoluble in the foaming medium and have surface active properties. An important feature of a defoamer is it has low ...Read More

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